Liesl was going to be a rich and successful lawyer, which was swiftly overruled after she interned at a film company in the US. Sure, criminals may walk free everyday because she became the film industry’s most kick ass producer, but behave badly with her budget and you’ll be in contempt before anyone calls “cut!” Based on the successes delivered for an impressive list of clients – and a cabinet collapsing under the weight of D&ADs, several Loeries, Vuka awards and more – the folks at Harvard bestowed her with their Honorary Masters Degree in Awesome. It’s in the mail, for realsies.
There are Cannes Lion awards and an Oscar or three on the horizon, and yes – your briefs are still admissible.  Here’s the catch: hard work like hers comes with a warrant for lunch. Why? Probable cause. Awesome like this has gotsta eat! So? How many should we book for?



Ed van Blerk’s greatest talent is his love for a challenge mixed with a calmness under pressure. This is the exact know-how that made him the perfect candidate to take over from Isabel Jones when she moved on, but a burning craving for the creative led him on a different path. Starting with DTP and design, working on the 2010 World Cup bid and then animation for TVCs, this is one cool cat.
He cooks too! His keeps his famous recipe for brussel sprouts in his phone under  “Pizza Delivery” because anything to do with brussel sprouts is just childish really and we’ve got art to make here. Ed learnt everything he knows about revenge from the Count of Monte Christo, so… send him a brief. Soon. Just saying.
Named after a cartoon character, Pebbles was bound to end up in the animation and film industry sooner or later. First, though, Pebbles is a serious R & B, soul and jazz artist with two solo albums under her belt and more on the way. But by day she moves to the frenetic rhythm of animation and film, surrounded by a different kind of creative mindset – but with the same flair and craziness. You want it scheduled, created and delivered on time – Pebbles will produce the goods. With perfect timing.



Trained as an actor, scriptwriter and set designer for theatre at Katlehong Arts Centre, Pule also received a bursary to study film at Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking – and hasn’t looked back since. Pule is a man on a mission – and that mission is to shares his stories with the world.
With a passion for writing and music, and a desire to contribute and inspire through art and film, Pule truly believes his life’s purpose is to entertain people with concepts that they’ll treasure in their hearts. Meet him and you’ll believe it too.
The fact that Baleseng (Bale, to just about everyone) is considering getting a snake as a pet immediately says this is no ordinary producer in the making. This networking, shopping, camera-mad dynamo is bursting with stories and the urge to entertain, with a healthy dose of the psychologist to boot.
Armed with a journalism diploma and Inspired by a drama competition at school, Bale’s well on the way to becoming a kick ass producer – with or without the snake.

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